Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, already out in three volumes in Japan, will be released in the United States in English in October in a single, 1,000 page volume.



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Out today, Daniel Okrent’s “Last Call – The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.”

Q&A with Daniel Okrent at Barnes & Noble’s Review and Barbara Spindel’s related review of the book.

An excerpt from the book in The Daily Beast: In the excerpt, Daniel Okrent writes that long-held beliefs about Joe Kennedy’s bootlegging business are wrong.

Other reviews:
Business Week: “It’s the most persuasive, witty, and best-documented explanation yet as to why Americans decided to endure a ban on alcohol, the federal government’s most intrusive regulation of all time.”

History News Network: “This may be a rare case where one can plausibly accept a book jacket description at face value: ‘Last Call is capacious, meticulous, and thrillingly told. It stands as the most complete history of Prohibition and confirms Daniel Okrent’s rank as a major American writer.’”

Coming in January 2011 from the Princeton Architectural Press: “We live in the golden age of the photography book. Since the early 1990s, the number of photography book publishers has continued to grow while technological developments have placed more tools for bookmaking directly in the hands of photographers. For the students and working artists who have chosen photography as their primary means of expression, having their own photography book is seen as a passport to the international photography scene. Yet, few have more than a tentative grasp of the component parts of a book, an understanding of what they want to express, or the know-how needed to get a book published. Publish Your Photography Book is the first book to demystify the process of producing and publishing a book of photographs.”