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The 2011 Edgar Award Winners for mysteries.


Your time is up, publishers. Book piracy is about to arrive on a massive scale

Your time is up, publishers. Book piracy is about to arrive on a massive scale


Granta has announced its Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists issue. To be published first in Spanish as Los mejores narradores jovenes en español with an English edition to follow on November 25th. The novelists:

ANDRÉS BARBA – Spain, b. 1975
OLIVERIO COELHO – Argentina, b. 1977
ANDRÉS RESSIA COLINO – Uruguay, b. 1977
FEDERICO FALCO – Argentina, b. 1977
PABLO GUTIÉRREZ – Spain, b. 1978
RODRIGO HASBÚN – Bolivia, b. 1981
SÒNIA HERNÁNDEZ – Spain, b. 1976
CARLOS LABBÉ – Chile, b. 1977
JAVIER MONTES – Spain, b. 1976
ELVIRA NAVARRO – Spain, b. 1978
MATÍAS NÉSPOLO – Argentina, b. 1975
ANDRÉS NEUMAN – Argentina, b. 1977
ALBERTO OLMOS – Spain, b. 1975
POLA OLOIXARAC – Argentina, b. 1977
ANTONIO ORTUÑO – Mexico, b. 1976
PATRICIO PRON – Argentina, b. 1975
LUCÍA PUENZO – Argentina, b. 1976
ANDRÉS FELIPE SOLANO – Colombia, b. 1977
SAMANTA SCHWEBLIN – Argentina, b. 1978
CARLOS YUSHIMITO – Peru, b. 1977
ALEJANDRO ZAMBRA – Chile, b. 1975

Time Out Chicago recommends 13 books as Summer 2010 reads, including “Kraken” by China Mieville: “In his new one, magical underground forces in London want to release a giant squid god, and a hapless cephalopod expert discovers he holds the key to unleashing the deity. We repeat: giant squid god.”

Now, a larger problem. Books in their digital format look vastly less ‘finished,’ less genuine. And we can vary their font and type size, making them resemble all the more our own word-processed manuscripts … . All the e-books I’ve read have been ugly — books by Chang-rae Lee, Alvin Kernan, Stieg Larsson — though the texts have been wonderful. But I didn’t grow up reading texts. I grew up reading books. The difference is important.

The Library Journal on Steampunk’s twenty core titles, including both the classics and more recent works.