FTC Issues Reports on Digital Advertising and on Mobile Payments

“.Com Disclosure: How to Make Effective Disclosure in Digital Advertising” has been issued by the Federal Trade Commission. This March 2013 FTC report (pdf) updates and modifies the FTC’s now long-in-the-tooth May 2000 report on the same topic, and includes specific guidance on advertising via tweets (including sponsored tweets), as well as guidance, including examples, on advertising on space-constrained screens such as smartphones and tablets.

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The FTC this month also issued a report on its recent workshop on mobile payments: “Paper, Plastic … or Mobile?” (pdf). Anyone wondering why mobile payment mechanisms are taking so long to develop need only take a quick glance at the FTC Report. Given the multiplicity of various players (private companies – big and small, established players and startups – and state and federal regulatory bodies), and issues involved, including data security, privacy, and billing dispute resolution, it’s no wonder quick and easy mobile payment schemes are just beginning to become useful and gain traction.

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