Six months ago an Apple analyst told me he thought the company’s long-term goal was to become the internet’s cable TV company. I didn’t get it then. I really get it now. Most think of Apple as a computer or consumer electronics company. I think that’s becoming a means to a much bigger end: becoming a giant news, entertainment and communications network with Googillian ambitions.
Fred Vogelstein in Wired

What if, globally speaking, the iPad is not the next big thing? What if the next big thing is small, cheap and not American? … . even as hundreds of thousands here unwrap their iPads, another future entirely may be unfolding overseas on the cellphone.

Ars Technica and others review the iPad

Ars Technica and others review the iPad

Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music, writing critically on the iPad in a post entitled “How A Great Product Can Be Bad News: Apple, iPad, and the Closed Mac”. Among the complaints: (1) not an open platform – not an open computer and not a Mac, (2) Apple alone controls distribution of the media, (3) it’s tied to iTunes, and (4) it has no standard ports.

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