That’s right, slowly but surely, Congress is sucking the tech industry into their world, making us play by their rules. We have to pay them off, literally with cash, or we get slaughtered … . Well, we’re now playing by big government rules. Congress can set up a fight pit with Hollywood in one corner and Silicon Valley in the other. Who cares what happens. The money will just roll right in. This is how criminal organizations run protection rackets. Congress is doing just that, only it’s completely legal.
Michael Arrington writing at Uncrunched on how “Big Government Sucks Tech Industry into Their Reality.”

Here’s How The Government Can Fix Silicon Valley: Leave It Alone. Silicon Valley has fueled much of the growth in our economy over the last few decades and has created amazing (and highly profitable) companies that are making the world a much better and more interesting place to live. All that happened while the government ignored us. We don’t want handouts. We don’t want ‘public-private partnerships,’ and we sure as hell don’t want legislation. Just let us do our thing and maybe say thanks to those companies that create jobs by the hundreds of thousands and send in those humongous corporate tax payments on profits. Because all you can do is screw up something beautiful. Really.
Michael Arrington in Techcrunch responding to a friend’s email request, made on behalf of The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, asking for ideas on how President Obama and the Federal Government can increase high-tech entrepreneurship in America.