The Globe and Mail: Toronto’s Transformation to Silicon Valley North: “’There’s a new emergent scene going on in Toronto,’ says David Crow, a strategist for Microsoft, and a long-time organizer of the city’s tech community. ‘We have great talent and great opportunity.’ After years of nurturing a tight-knit tech community, Toronto seems to be reaching a critical mass – not just of homegrown companies, conferences, and networks, but of ties to a global industry.”

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Techcrunch: Canada Now Somewhat Less Anti-Startup: “Canada isn’t shy about making life difficult for startups … [b]ut a change in Canadian tax law last week is designed to spur U.S. venture investments in Canadian startups and make Canada less of a leper colony for tech entrepreneurs. The change allows foreign investors in most Canadian startups to avoid ‘literally hundreds of pages of documents’ to be filed and processed on a sale of a startup, sometimes by each limited partner in a venture fund. That burden meant that most venture firms simply ignored the Canadian market.”

VC Experts: Canada’s Federal Budget Scores in Overtime for the Technology Community

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