(updated post with LA Times review)

Released April 13, 2010, journalist David Lipsky’s account of his short trip accompanying David Foster Wallace on the last leg of the Infinite Jest book tour.

A Q&A with the author, David Lipsky.

Scott Esposito of The Los Angeles Times with his review: “On the face of it, ‘Although of Course’ has the makings of fine public entertainment: a media-shy, immensely talented novelist suddenly forced to confront his fears when his Bible-sized masterpiece catapults him to the heights of success; the glossy magazine reporter to whom he’s speaking out of obligation to his publisher; the time they spend together, driving, eating at roadside diners, building trust and having expansive conversations. The problem is that in presenting all this as little more than a lightly edited transcript of his and Wallace’s tape-recorded conversations, Lipsky essentially cedes his right to make it into a coherent narrative. The result is a book frequently compelling for its bracing candor and idiosyncratic quirks that fails to live up to its promise.”