Ad Tracking/Blocking War (link round-up)

The Problems:

20 Home Pages, 500 Trackers Loaded: Media Succumbs to Monitoring Frenzy – Frédéric Filloux at Monday Note

The Verge’s Web Sucks –

The Cost of Mobile Ads on 50 News Websites – New York Times; See also the Times’ Putting Mobile Ad Blockers to the Test

How Much of Your Audience is Fake? – Marketers Thought the Web Would Allow Perfectly Targeted Ads But it Hasn’t Worked Out That Way – BloombergBusiness

Facebook Ads Are All-Knowing, Unblockable, and in Everyone’s Phone – BloombergBusiness

Analysis and Opinion:

Why It’s OK to Block Ads – James Williams at the University of Oxford’s Practical Ethics blog

Why Publishers Don’t Care (Yet) that the Mobile Web is so Awful – Peter Rojas

Popping the Publishing Bubble – Ben Thompson at Stratechery

Welcome to Hell: Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook and the Slow Death of the Web – Nily Patel at The Verge

Ad Blocking: The Unnecessary Internet Apocalypse – The Ad Industry Needs to Disrupt the Disruptors – Randall Rothenberg, CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, at Advertising Age; But, see IAB’s subsequent mea culpa Getting LEAN with Digital Ad UX

How We Pass the Buck – Ads, Blocking, and How We Make Sure It’s Never Actually Our Fault – Anil Dash

Ad Blocking and the Future of the Web – Jeffrey Zeldman

Ad Blocking – Seth Godin

Advertising is Unwanted – Dave Winer

Facebook, Others Confuse Consumers for Profit – Nate Cardozo of EFF at San Jose Mercury News Opinion

News You Can Use:

A List of Content Blockers for iOS 9 – The Loop

A Study About Content Blockers for iOS 9 – Carlos Oliveira at Oli.78

Related – The Content Wars: Alternative Distribution and Platforms:

AMP and Incentives – Tim Kadlec at his

Notes from the Platform’s Edge – Platforms for Everyone, Publications For No One – The Awl

Open Standards Without All That Nasty Interop – Dave Winer

Related – General:

Re/code’s Sale and Life After Advertising – Katie Benner at BloombergView

Websites Can Now Identify You By the Way You Type – A New Kind of Surveillance that Gets Very Little Attention – AlterNet