Law, Tech and Policy

Snooper’s Charter: Revised ‘Investigatory Powers Bill’ introduced by the British government: text of bill, codes of practice, and additional documents

Privacy Shield: Restoring Trust in Transatlantic Data Flows Through Strong Safeguards: European Commission Presents EU-U.S. Privacy Shield – European Commission press release with links to the various related documents; see also E.U. and U.S. Release Details on Trans-Atlantic Data Transfer Deal – New York Times

Fight Against Terrorism: Inside The Obama Administration’s Attempt To Bring Tech Companies Into The Fight Against ISIS – BuzzFeed

Encryption: A Worldwide Survey of Encryption Products – Berkman Center Research Publication (Bruce Schneier, Kathleen Seidel, and Saranya Vijayakumar) (pdf at this link; 24 pages)

CyberWarfare and Hacking:

These Are the Cyberweapons Used to Hack Sony – MotherBoard

U.S. Had Cyberattack Plan if Iran Nuclear Dispute Led to Conflict – New York Times

New Chinese Media Restrictions: Beijing is Banning all Foreign Media from Publishing Online in China – Quartz

Facebook Free Basics: Nothing Is Free, Not Even Facebook Free Basics – Om Malik; see also India Just Banned Facebook’s Controversial Free Internet Plan – BuzzFeed

FISA Amendments Act: Trends and Predictions in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance: The FISA Amendments Act and Beyond – David Kris at LawFare

NSA Reorganization: National Security Agency Plans Major Reorganization – Washington Post; related: Opinion: How NSA Reorganization Could Squander Remaining Trust – Jason Healey at CSM’s Passcode; and NSA Reorganizing – Bruce Schneier; and Good Defense is Good Offense: NSA Myths and the Merger – Susan Hennessey at LawFare

Internet Law: Surveying Ten Years Of Top Internet Law Developments – law professor Eric Goldman at his Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Future Computing and Emerging Technologies:

What’s Next in Computing? (February 21, 2016) – venture capitalist Chris Dixon

Ten Breakthrough Technologies: 2016 – MIT Technology Review

Copyright Reform: White Paper on Remixes, First Sale, and Statutory Damages (pdf; 117 pages) – Commerce Department’s internet policy task force; see also: Repairing Damages: The Commerce Department’s Copyright White Paper – CDT


Tech Policy for Startups – CDT’s suite of resources on tech policy for start-ups and entrepreneurs

Fixing the Inequity of Startup Equity – TripleByte

General Interest

Stop Paying Executives for Performance – Dan Cable and Freek Vermeulen in the Harvard Business Review

This Former Ad Agency CEO Says the Ad Industry Has Three Major Delusions Holding It Back – Business Insider

The Law of Banksy: Who Owns Street Art? (pdf; 36 pages) – Peter Salib in the University of Chicago Law Review (Vol. 83, No. 4, 2016)