FAA Requires (Non-Commercial) Drone Registration

FAA Press Release

FAA Interim Final Rule (pdf; 211 pages)


New York Times short summary

Mandatory Drone Registration Begins – practical aspects from IEEE Spectrum

Legality: From earlier this year, Is a Drone Registration Mandate Illegal? – Competitive Enterprise Institute. See also, Critics Threaten Lawsuit Over Drone Registration Rules – The Hill

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CDT Proposes Privacy Best Practices for Drones – CDT (Center for Democracy & Technology). The pdf (12 pages) of CDT’s “Model Privacy Best Practices for Unmanned Aircraft” is available here

WireCutter’s The Best Drones; scroll towards the bottom for the useful How to Fly Safely (and Know Your Rights)

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Academic Paper: Self-Defense Against Robots and Drones (pdf; 80 pages) – A. Michael Froomkin & Zak Colangelo; see also If I Fly a UAV Over My Neighbor’s House, Is It Trespassing? – The Atlantic

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