Law, Tech and Policy

Summary of the “Happy Birthday” decision: Chain of Title Proves Fatal to “Happy Birthday” Copyright Claim – Tyler Ochoa at The Technology & Marketing Law Blog; See also, the court’s decision (pdf)

Another notable copyright decision: Appeals Court Strikes a Blow for Fair Use in Long-awaited Copyright Ruling – ArsTechnica; See also: 9th Circuit Sides With Fair Use in Dancing Baby Takedown Case – The Technology & Marketing Law Blog; and the court’s opinion (pdf)

Microsoft Email Case (wikipedia): The $98.6 Billion E-Mail – Microsoft is Fighting a Case in Federal Appeals Court that may Decide the Future of U.S. Cloud Computing – Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Administrative Subpoenas: Here’s a Way the Government Can Easily Get Your Phone Records Without Even Asking a Judge – Washington Post

The Fifth Amendment and Passcodes: Fifth Amendment Protects Passcode on Smartphones, Court Holds and A Revised Approach to the Fifth Amendment and Obtaining Passcodes – Orin Kerr at the Washington Post

OPM Hack Update: OPM Says 5.6 million Fingerprints Stolen in Cyberattack, Five Times as Many as Previously Thought – Washington Post

On the Internet of Things: Why The Internet of Things Is Going Nowhere The Next Phase of the IoT is Stuck Unless We Replace Crummy Outdated Technology – Pat Burns. See also, The Price of the Internet of Things will be a Vague Dread of a Malicious World – Marcelo Renesi, and Internet of Things That Lie: the Future of Regulation is Demonology – Cory Doctorow

Moore’s Law: Smaller, Faster, Cheaper, Over: The Future of Computer Chips – New York Times; Also at the New York Times: IBM Scientists Find New Way to Shrink Transistors

Apple: On Apple’s Incredible Platform Advantage – Steve Cheney on Apple’s computer chip advantage

General Interest

Scouring the Web to Make New Words ‘Lookupable’ – New York Times

Angus Deaton Wins the Nobel Prize in Economics:

The Nobel Committee’s explainers (pdf): for general readers and for technical readers

Angus Deaton: A Skeptical Optimist Wins the Economics Nobel – New Yorker

Five Minutes with Angus Deaton: ‘If the rich can write the rules then we have a real problem’ – London School of Economics

A Cockeyed Optimist – Angus Deaton’s ‘Great Escape’ – New York Times

Svetlana Alexievich Wins the Nobel Prize in Literature:

Everything You Need to Know About Svetlana Alexievich – The Guardian

Svetlana Alexievich’s Chorus of Fire – New York Times

Voices from Chernobyl(book excerpt) – Paris Review

Meanwhile: 2010 Peace Laureate Languishes in Chinese Jail in Face of International Indifference – Reporters without Borders

On David Carr: Press Rewind – What One Journalist Learned by Vicariously Sitting in on David Carr’s Master Class – Brendan Fitzgerald at The Morning News; See also, previously: We Need a David Carr Portable Companion; Here’s the first Draft – Karen Wickre at BackChannel/Medium