Two Recent Podcasts of Note:

Striking a Balance – Whistleblowing, Leaks and Security Secrets (LawFare podcast)

Key portion: 00:07:29 (after intro and panelist bios) to 01:32:30 (when audience Q&A starts)
A discussion amongst Bob Litt (General Counsel for the Office of the Director of National Security), Ken Dilanian (Associated Press), Gabriel Schoenfeld (Hudson Institute) and Steve Vladeck (LawFare), about leaks, whistleblowing, the Espionage Act and Snowden.

Stewart Baker Discussion with Bruce Schneier (Steptoe CyberLaw podcast)

Key portion: 24:18 to 58:30
Bruce Schneier and Stewart Baker tangle on a variety of topics, including the wisdom and legality of “hacking back”, Bruce’s book “Data and Goliath” and some general surveillance/privacy matters. Nothing particularly new here, but always interesting to hear these two – from opposite ends of the spectrum – tangle.