Second Circuit Bulk Collection Decision (link roundup)

The Opinion: pdf (110 pages)

News Reports:

NSA Program on Phone Records is Illegal, Court Rules – Washington Post

NSA Phone Program is Illegal, Appeals Court Rules – Wall Street Journal

Audio Summary for Laypersons: Professor William McGeveran on Wisconsin public radio (approx. 10 minutes)

Analysis and Opinion:

Second Circuit Rules that Section 215 Does Not Authorize Telephony Bulk Collection Program – Marty Lederman at Just Security

Second Circuit Rules, Mostly Symbolically, that Current Text of Section 215 Doesn’t Authorize Bulk Surveillance – Orin Kerr in the Washington Post

Court Backs Snowden, Strikes Secret Laws – Noah Feldman at BloombergView

Background Legal Paper by an Attorney for one of the Amici Curiae: Bulk Metadata Collection: Statutory and Constitutional Considerations by Laura Donohue (2013)(pdf download at the link)

Impact on Patriot Act Section 215 Status/Sunset:

How the Second Circuit’s Decision Changes the Legislative Game – Liza Goiten at LawFare

The Second Circuit and the Politics of Surveillance Reform – Steve Vladeck at Just Security


If the Supreme Court Tackles the NSA in 2015, It’ll be One of these Five Cases – The Hill