Robotics Law and Policy

The reading syllabus (pdf; two pages) for Professor Ryan Calo’s (University of Washington) course on law and robotics – an excellent resource for those interested in robotics/drones/AI. Among other things, it includes Professor Calo’s own paper, Robotics and the Lessons of Cyberlaw, 103 California Law Review (forthcoming 2015), and Professor Jack Balkin’s (Yale) The Path of Robotics Law, 5 California Law Review Circuit (forthcoming 2015).


The agenda (and conference roundup) for the “We Robot 2015” conference on robotics, law and policy recently held at the University of Washington, including links to various academic papers such as Woodrow Hartzog’s Unfair and Deceptive Robots

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If a Robot Kills Someone, Who is to Blame? – The Globe and Mail

The Myth Of AI: A Conversation With Jaron Lanier – Edge; and a response: Why I Don’t Worry About a Super AI – Kevin Kelly at Technium

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