Dan Geer: Cybersecurity as Realpolitik (video)

Dan Geer, CISO for In-Q-Tel, a not-for-profit investment firm that invests in technology that supports the missions of the CIA and broader U.S. intelligence community (i.e., the CIA’s venture arm), garnered headlines this past week for the proposal that the U.S. intelligence community corner the market on security vulnerabilities and then disclose them. His presentation at Black Hat 2014, however, is well worth watching in its entirety, as he touches on policy proposals on a wider variety of topics including:

Mandatory Vulnerability Reporting: 16:46
Net Neutrality: 22:20
Product Liability for Software: 25:31
Cyber Attack Counterstrikes: 32:12
Fallbacks/Resiliency: 33:28
Vulnerability Finding: 38:44
Right to be Forgotten: 40:15
Internet Voting: (only in Transcript)
Software Abandonment: 44:47
Convergence of Cyberspace and “Meatspace”: 47:04