Interesting Reads: March 20, 2013

At FastCompany: Box’s 65-Year-Old Android Engineer Gives Your Startup Some Unsentimental Advice

At The Walrus: BlackBerry’s Boom: How the Canadian Smartphone Became a Nigerian Status Symbol by Brianna Goldberg. Apparently, there is even a popular Nollywood film series ‘BlackBerry Babes’. According to Goldberg: “While North American business stories have been reporting on RIM’s spectacular decline, Africa has fallen hard for the Waterloo, Ontario, tech giant. RIM, now known simply as BlackBerry, is Africa’s number one smart phone vendor, and it is now the preferred brand in both South Africa and Nigeria, two cultural leaders for the continent. Second only to Asia’s mobile market, Africans already use 735 million cellphones.” Interesting read, but don’t be fooled: BlackBerry 10 predicted to hold less than 5% market share through 2016

Wired explains yesterday’s Supreme Court decision clarifying that the “first sale” doctrine of federal copyright law applies to foreign-purchase works imported into the United States: Supreme Court Boosts Right to Resell Copyrighted Goods. The Supreme Court’s opinion (pdf)